OGWA 2018, Oil and Gas West Asia - The Region's Leading Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference
26 27 28
March 2018
Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, Muscat, Oman


Khazzan & Makarem Fields-Block 61

Project Description:

A tight gas development project in Block 61, which is the first and largest of its kind in the Middle East. The project involves the drilling of about 300 wells over 15 years in a tight gas reservoir.

Project Cost: US$ 15 billion

Khulud Tight Gas Project

Project Description:

The unlocking of the deep tight gas reserves in Block 6 concession in central Oman. The first production is expected by 2017.

Project Cost: US$ 200 million

Marmul Enhanced Oil Recovery Facilities Phase 2

Project Description:

The expansion of PDO’s Marmul Polymer project with flooding EOR technique to maintain or increase the current production of heavy crude oil. This includes the adding of more than 500 wells.

Project Cost: US$ 1 billion

Abu Butabul Tight Gas Project

Project Description:

Oman’s first tight gas project, which is expected to produce about 6,000 bpd of condensates. The Abu Butabul tight gas field spreads across 15,800 square kilometers in Block 60.

Project Cost: US$ 1 billion